Larry Rosen
Once, I tried to sell real estate. I was almost 40 and grasping at straws.  "I like looking at houses," I figured, "and I like people most of the time, so this should work."
Less than two weeks into this ill-fated attempt, during training, my broker announced, "If you're here because you like houses and people, you're here for the wrong reasons." The part she left out was, "...you'd be better off if someone gave you a column to write about real estate instead." And here I am. Nothing, other than a slavish devotion to the glossy "Real Estate Times," qualified me for this position. In the past, I'd written almost exclusively about music, sports and politics. In fact, it was sports that got me started at The Examiner. I switched over to real estate after a year and was off and running. Metaphorically. With all of the changes brewing regarding journalism and news, I look at Patch.com as an excellent opportunity to bcome part of e a trend -- doing local coverage -- that is gaining momentum. Evolve or die, that kind of thing. Equally important: it gives me a chance to address something I've always held important: the concept of "home town," and the meaning of "place."
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