Abi Cotler O'Roarty
With an undergraduate degree in photography and an MFA in creative writing, Abi plunders her higher education for  all crumbs left on the plate. By day, she teaches photography and design fundamentals, part-time, at the Art Institute of California - San Diego. By night, she writes short fiction and personal essays. In between, she is a raising a legalistic pre-schooler and a deified baby who's tiny voices penetrate nearly every thought she has (who says doing term papers at the bar is a useless skill?)
Abi lives in coastal Southern California and is the only person she knows who gets grinchy when there are too many sunny days in a row. In her endless free time, she enjoys hiking, snowboarding and reading a few paragraphs then abruptly falling asleep. Abi can be found at http://www.abicotleroroarty.com/ Follow Abi on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ACotlerOroarty
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