Student Poet of the Day: Kailey Nichols

In honor of National Poetry Month, Burlingame Patch is highlighting student poets in our community.

In honor of National Poetry Month, Burlingame Patch will be highlighting a student poet Monday through Friday for the remainder of the month.

These talented student poets are enrolled in a writing workshop at in Burlingame. The workshop is being taught by Writing Program Coordinator Janette Nikolakopoulos.

Happy reading and happy Poetry Month!

Student: Kailey Nichols

Bio: I am 11 years old with a little sister who’s nine. I love animals. I’m good at math, but I don’t really like it.




Math, math, math

Numbers in my head

They never stop spinning

Even in my bed


First there was adding

Next was subtracting

It was easy at first

But then came the worst


Formulas came in

Like a tornado gone wrong

Spinning thousands of numbers

A hundred miles long


They say math is easy

They say math is hard

I really can’t decide

Which they implied


So what do you think,

Is it easy or hard?


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