Student Poet of the Day: Group Poem

In honor of National Poetry Month, we're highlighting student poets in Burlingame in the month of April.

In honor of National Poetry Month, Burlingame Patch has highlighted a student poet Monday through Friday during the last two weeks of April.

These talented student poets are enrolled in a writing workshop at  in Burlingame. The workshop is being taught by Writing Program Coordinator Janette Nikolakopoulos.

Today is the last day of April and the last poem. This is a group poem written by three of the students.

Happy reading and happy Poetry Month!

Student: Stella Lorence, Natalie Cheyette, and Kailey Nichols


“I Really Don’t Like Homework”


I really don’t’ like homework

It really is a bore

I stink at every subject

And every day there’s more


I’m running out of excuses

My dog refuses math

My cat has been declawed

And my hippo’s in the bath


The teachers are inconsistent

They say we have only an hour

But really, one day there’s none

The next there’s a huge tower


I fall asleep in class

And never get the notes,

I’m always so confused

On Columbus and his boats


Projects here, Projects there

100% of our grade?!

Oh teacher, we do not want to

Do work without our pay


I really don’t like homework

It really is a bore

I stink at every subject

And every day there’s more


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