Burlingame Intermediate School Celebrates Annual Special Event Day

Students create an amusement park in less than 90 minutes.

Burlingame Intermediate School held their annual Special Event Day on Tuesday with a launch of creativity at this year’s Problem Solving Design Challenge.

In past years the school opted for a career day and multicultural day. But this year was unique, in that students were able to create their own amusement park.

“We were trying to think of something with a hands-on manner,” said teacher and coordinator of the project, Bronia Whipp. “We really wanted to think outside of the box."

In less than 90 minutes, students from each classroom worked together to create a roller coaster, map, and marketing plan to vie for first place. Parents judged the parks, and imitated investors as students pitched their marketing strategies.

“It was pretty exciting, the students responded very well to it,” Whipp said of the day’s event.

Students worked quickly, and were questioned with concerns of family friendliness, safety, and accessibility for visitors with disabilities. The sixth, seventh and eighth graders were judged in six different categories and the winners were announced Wednesday afternoon.

 The winners are:

Best Rollercoaster: Mr. Osberg’s class and Ms. Bosnich’s class

Most Family Friendly: Mr. Hawley’s class and Ms. Talo’s class

Most Creative Theme and Layout: Ms. Mizel’s class and Ms. Birrell’s class

Best Marketing Campaign: Ms. Drutz’s class and Mr. Simon’s class

Best Attention to Logistical Detail: Ms. Recker’s class

Best Overall Detail and Design: Ms. Malashock’s class

The school's hoped that students would walk away with a better understanding of teamwork and a spark of inventiveness.

“Working together is very important, knowing where you fit into the team and being able to compromise, and also being able to think creatively,” Whipp said.

As they do every four years, next year BIS will host the school Olympics for their Special Event Day.


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