Will Parallel Parking Work on Burlingame Avenue?

Is parallel parking on Burlingame Avenue a good or bad idea?

Earlier this month, the project including an assessment district and parking meter fee increases.

While we did receive some comments regarding raised parking fees detracting from trips to downtown Burlingame, the biggest issue readers commented on was the switch from diagonal to parallel parking planned for Burlingame Avenue.

“Say ‘no’ to parallel parking on the Ave.,” said Jennifer Royer Sullivan on the Burlingame Patch Facebook page. “Why eliminate premium parking spots in an already parking-strapped town?”

While some echoed her concerns of reduced parking along the Avenue, others commented on the added skill and time required for parallel parking, suggesting parallel parking could lead to increased traffic through downtown.

What do you think about parallel parking on Burlingame Avenue? Will needed spaces be eliminated? Will it cause traffic jams as drivers unaccustomed to parallel parking maneuver into spots? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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Patrick O' April 12, 2012 at 05:13 PM
The council and Commission will not listen to its constituents who are against "green" issues... (I've personally labeled it a green issue due to perceived reduced car traffic and the perception that parallel parking will promote smaller (possibly battery or wind-up- maybe rubber band powered??) vehicle choices. Seriously, when it all shakes out can they really afford to lose parking spaces? Are you in the council and commission reading the responses below? (Assuming others will chime in after me...) B'game resident since '71


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