Republicans Bash Obama, Set Sight On The Future

Three Republican leaders took to the stage Friday night to express their disappointment with the current administration and their hopes for the future.

Outcry over the perceived failings of the Obama administration and a determination to win back the White House in 2012 dominated the rhetoric at the Friday Dinner Banquet of the California Republican Convention in Burlingame.

Three speakers—Republican National Committee Co-Chair Sharon Day, California Congressman Darrell Issa and California Congressman and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy—touched on varying topics, but all stuck to the themes of helping America by winning back Washington and ousting President Barack Obama.

“Just imagine the fun that we’re going to have in a short time,” said Day, referring to a January election of a Republican President. “It is in taking over the Senate, it is in taking over the House [of Representatives], it is in taking over the White House that we’ll save America.”

Day, along with her fellow speakers, focused on attacking President Obama’s administration for what they called loose adherence to the constitution, encroachment on religious freedom, expansion of government and economic policies with ineffective pay off.

Day scoffed at legislation passed while Obama had a Democratic majority in Congress as failed policies, such as the federal stimulus and the Affordable Health Care Act.

“We do have a do-nothing Congress in Washington,” Day said. “But it’s not a Republican led Congress.”

Congressman Issa, who sits on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said President Obama has repeatedly disregarded the constitution while governing and resisted oversight, a problem he does not foresee with any of the Republican Presidential candidates.

“The difference of majority and oversight in our country is everything,” he said. “These are people who strongly believe in the constitution.”

After expressing their disagreements with the current administration, the speakers turned their focus to building unity within the Republican Party. They spoke of the necessity to come together around the eventual nominee, even if it is not the first choice of some Republicans.

“Any single one of these individuals at the end of the day is miles better than Barack Obama,” Day said. “When we have our candidate, we have to join together.”

Congressman McCarthy emphasized not only the belief that a unified party could win the White House and a Congressional majority in 2012, but that it could win in California, as well.

He compared the Republican standing in California to that of Republicans nationally in 2008. He said people at that time were fed up and wanting change. Time Magazine went so far as to question the future relevance of the Republican Party.

Congressman McCarthy said he sees a similar situation in California and is confident that Republican leaders can rebound, just like they did nationally in the 2010 mid-term elections. However, he said, to stay relevant, Republicans need to fight.

“Let’s be very clear about what we’re fighting for, and let’s be very clear what we’re going to gain from it,” he said. “We take our conservative principles and we don’t say no. We find a solution using our conservative principles; just saying no is what the Democrats do.”

He said taking California in both state and national elections would prove Republicans can win any state, and he believes if they work together using their original policies and principles, they will persevere. The Republican Party in California is still relevant, as long as members don’t give up the fight.

In expressing his confidence in the party’s ability to rebound in California, he invoked a plaque that sat on former President Ronald Reagan’s desk.

“[The plaque said] It can be done,” said McCarthy. “The question is, do we agree with that?”

Brash Brazen February 25, 2012 at 03:45 PM
California's Republican leaders (an oxymoron,moron being the operative term) are as out of touch & clueless with the majority of voters as their presidential contenders. The only question being who wins here by a larger margin Obama or Feinstein !!! Conservative white voters are never going to be in the majority in California again as our state once again is a nationwide trendsetter. The backlash against those trying to impose their narrow religious beliefs on the majority of voters who disagree could be the catalyst for regaining a Democratic majority in both houses. There may not be enough Republicans left to obstruct anything. When the only question is whether to continue on the path that Obama envisions for America's future,or to follow one of these clowns in another direction the decision couldn't be clearer !!! Why are Republicans trying to disenfranchise voters nationwide (minorities,college students & the elderly),because they clearly don't have the numbers to win an honest election anymore !?! The economy is getting better,unemployment is down,the stock market is up & divisive social issues are a loser in the general election. When your candidates best attributes are rich,smug & condescending you're in serious trouble !!! Santorum says that Obama thinks he smarter than everyone else,if you've watched the Republican primary you'd be hard pressed not to agree with his assessment !!! Let's curtail women's reproductive rights while providing free Viagra to everyone !!!
Robert February 25, 2012 at 07:25 PM
ROFLMAO - Thanks Brash Brazen - I smell fear in the air when people will not use their real names.
CHARLES February 25, 2012 at 07:58 PM
these Repubs are in fantasy land
Larry Banal February 25, 2012 at 09:07 PM
must be something on your shoes that you stepped on at the republican farce
Merrily Snider February 25, 2012 at 09:55 PM
I find it strange that they bash this administration but, they don't say what they are going to do that is better. Why do they campaign on what is wrong. Why not tell us what they have as a vision and how they will achieve it. Taking CA in the state and national elections is a pipedream. They have no substance - just money and big mouths. Where are the jobs? They have done nothing but attack women's rights which, if I'm not wrong, tie to Roe v. Wade and cannot supercede a federal law. They have done a lot of nothin'.
Emile Bilodeau February 25, 2012 at 11:10 PM
The facts seem to be the one thing the GOP is ALL STATES like to avoid. if they really put their country and their fellow Americans first, not just their ideological and theocratic minions, thye would probably tell you to vote for Obama, then stay on him and press for action on a thre things he has tried already, as the bulk of those ideas are in fact non-partisan and actions will, and have kept our economy from becoming a depression wasteland. Dead Bin Laden, Live Auto industry and all the talk about how this election is so different then all the past ones and the issues are so varied.. hmmm.... change maybe?? The current GOP is all about dogma and morality police in your bedroom and your personal life in general, lower wages and lots of hate, and a future of stupid fr our kids, as they only believe in educating their own zombies, not actual creative thinking citizens. thinkers vote Democrat.
Brandon Abell February 26, 2012 at 12:33 AM
Is that anything like Willard "Mitt" Romney, Robert?
james phillips February 26, 2012 at 01:48 AM
okay 1st thing you have wrong was that you make it sound like it is all republicans that have been in charge. do some homework before you write stuff that apparently you have no clue o. the democrats were in charge of the house and senate 2 years before bush left and they were the reason people called it a do nothing gov. they also were in charge of both houses when obama was in and they were the ones who got 300 million and gave it all to the rich people who caused the problem with our enconmy. they also had a bad habit of passing bills that they did not even read. not a big fan of either party right now but anything is better then what we have now. but at least we have some politicians who are now seeing and listening to the voters
Alice McGee February 26, 2012 at 06:58 AM
Issa , chairman of the ethics committee--should be first one investigated!! I guess by all appearances McCarthy's role is to prop up Boehner?? Jobs bill for republicans is to promote war!! Fear mongers:: Yes cut the defense budget, support education, everyone develop an austerity program:: Stay with President Obama and move this country forward!! Must get him a willing to work Congress--everyone needs to vetttt these candidates::George Miller a great California example!!
Paul Baker February 26, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Romney wants to give America over to corporations, Satantorum is playing the Christian right wingers by falsely presenting himself as the man who will transform America into a Christian right wing theocracy, Ron Paul wants to pull our military out of any situation which is not a declared war and Gingrich wants to have sex with his fourth wife in the oval office.
Brash Brazen February 28, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Thank you for taking time to recognize my greatness !!! When you're attacking the powers that be I find that the use of a pseudonym is a splendid way to avoid the retaliatory efforts of the government or my employer. This allows me to feel free to speak my mind on controversial issues without the fear of unwarranted persecution ! Those who choose to use their given names (and how do I know that Robert Windisch is your real name) might consider that an irate reader could show up unannounced at their home to discuss the issues with them personally,now that's something to fear !!! Windish is an apt name as judging by your other posts you're full of a lot of hot air !!!
Brash Brazen February 28, 2012 at 07:04 PM
With the top two candidates for an office in the June primary appearing on the November ballot irregardless of party affiliation there may not be a Republican presidential candidate on the California slate. In fact many Assembly & Senate races already stack up as Democrat vs. Democrat as intelligent California voters refused to join there backward brethren in drinking the kool-aid in 2010 !!! Even though legalizing marijuana fell a few percentage points short of passage,it still got more votes than Meg Whitman could buy for $160,000,000.00. The GOP is toast in this state,they can't even find a viable candidate to challenge Sen. Diane Feinstein !!!


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