Meet Your RNC Delegate: Glenn Rice

As the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention kick off, get to know your local delegates.

Meet Glenn Rice, Hillsborough’s local delegate to the Republican National Convention. Rice is currently in Tampa, Fla. at the RNC, hoping to make a change this coming fall.

Rice answered our questions from the convention via email.

How did you become a delegate?

I got involved with politics about two years ago after I saw what Obama was doing to the country.

Why did you want to become a delegate?

Have you seen the movie 2016? Obama is incompetent, corrupt, cynical, a liar, narcissist and culturally divisive- actually he is going to destroy our country for my children if elected for another four years. I feel it is the most important election in our children’s life. That is why I am here.

What did you do to prepare for the convention?

I follow politics closely.  

What do you hope to take a away from the convention?

A winning strategy for November! 

What important issues do you want to address with other delegates at the convention?

Well, I am very ‘socially liberal’ and pro-gay marriage and pro-choice. So I guess I will try and moderate some other delegates, but given the seriousness of a potential Obama re-election, I don’t think these issues are that important.  This election is about a lot more than gay marriage; it is about our preserving the very country as we know it. 

How important to you is it to represent your hometown at the convention?

People just mock California and Jerry Brown and the current economic state of California. It’s disgraceful and difficult to represent the hometown or home state with a straight face. No one can defend California in any serious discussion. It is very sad.

What are you most looking forward to?

Hope that we make a radical change in November.


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Andrew Peceimer August 28, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Way to go Glenn! Great photo..I thank you both for all the jobs created!


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