Firefighter Enters Menlo Park City Council Race

True competition for local office begins.

Local firefighter Dave Bragg filed paperwork Friday to run for a seat on the Menlo Park City Council, escalating the competition for the two spots on the dais that will be available in the November election.

This is Bragg’s first entrance into the arena of local politics.

“I admit I have a steep learning curve,” he said. “But I already live a very public life; it feels like a natural fit.”

Bragg moved to Menlo Park about seven years ago with his wife Anna, and has since taken multiple leadership positions within the community.

He is the Head Coach of the Menlo-Atherton Vikings Pop Warner Tiny Mite football team, and a Safety Officer for the Menlo Atherton Little League.  During the holiday season, he co chairs the local fire department’s toy drive, and volunteers with Rebuilding Together Peninsula.

“I would consider self a high level multitasker,” Bragg said.  “No matter what stage of my life, I’m always involved in five things at once.”

He is also the CEO of Thor Construction, which he founded with his wife.  If elected, he said he would likely sacrifice the amount of time he spends on a few of these positions to focus on the wider needs of the Menlo Park community.

“Maybe I’ll be assistant coach instead of head coach,” he said.  “I’ll still be involved,” he added, noting that he recently hired a general manager to manage his construction company for him.  

In November, Council Members Andrew Cohen and Kelly Fergusson’s terms will expire, although only Fergusson has indicated that she will seek reelection.  Bragg, a former Marine, will also compete against Attorney , who has already gained endorsements from multiple Council Members.

While Bragg hasn’t collected any endorsements yet, he said that he will be campaigning the old-fashioned way of knocking on doors to talk to his neighbors in Suburban Park to gain their support.  He lives there with his wife and three children.

When asked how his wife feels about him running for City Council he said: “My wife Anna is very supportive of everything I do; she has helped me conquer every major event in my life. My kids just hope to be in a parade or laugh at me in a .”

Election Day is November 6, 2012. 

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No Hate June 25, 2012 at 12:13 AM
Is it true Dave Bragg is an outspoken supporter of banning Gay Marriage and had a sign supporting proposition 8 in his front yard? The Gay and Lesbian community of Menlo Park and the greater Peninsula, as well all those who believe in equal rights have a right to know.
Andrew Boone June 25, 2012 at 08:43 AM
Dave, Walking, bicycling, and transit usage by Menlo Park residents have all increased over the past decade, so it's clear that we are demanding more transportation alternatives. However, unsafe and uncomfortable designs of many of our streets prevent many residents who would prefer to walk or bike for short trips from doing so. Transit service is slow, infrequent, or non-existent for many trips residents need to take. How would you improve the viability of walking, bicycling, and transit for Menlo Park residents? What do you believe are the major obstacles needed to overcome to make improvements? Although more residents are using alternative modes of transportation for more trips, traffic congestion remains a major problem in Menlo Park on certain streets - wasting time and money and resulting in more pollution. What do you think are the most effective measures to reduce traffic congestion in Menlo Park? Thanks.
Dave Bragg June 25, 2012 at 03:20 PM
Hi Andrew, Thanks for posting. I have 3 small children, big enough to be on 2 wheels, and love the idea of safe routes for us to ride. And as I can see from one of your other articles this is a hot topic in the community. In fact there is a City Commission dedicated to this specific issue. What I would do is encourage people to get involved in the proper channels already set up in this community. Please visit: http://www.menlopark.org/commissions/com_bicycle.html For the other part of your question about improving Transportation we also have a commission dedicated to that as well please check out and get involved: http://www.menlopark.org/commissions/com_transport.html If you know of a specific intersection or street that presents a potential hazard then lets get that on their radar screen. These commissions are comprised of volunteers from our community who are dedicated to improving our quality of life and would love to hear from you and other concerned citizens. Dave Bragg
Andrew Boone June 25, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Dave, Thanks for your reply. I agree, we need more public participation in the Bicycle and Transportation commissions. Participation of parents with children is especially low, and as a result, I believe their transportation needs are not being well served. What about pedestrian issues? What is the proper channel through which we should address barriers to pedestrian transportation? I'd like to meet with you and discuss transportation challenges our community faces and some potential solutions that nearby cities are adopting to solve them. Could you please contact me at nauboone@gmail.com? Thanks.


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