Burlingame Receives $36M for 7-Lane Broadway Overcrossing

The San Mateo County Transportation Authority granted $82.7 million of funding to 23 projects around the county to relieve traffic congestion.

Broadway is going to get some congestion relief thanks to an approved allocation of $36 million from the San Mateo County Transportation Authority on Oct. 4.

The seven-lane overcrossing was the most heavily funded project of 27 requests from various cities and agencies in the county. The overcrossing will include bike lanes and sidewalks and a reconfiguration of the existing on and off ramps plus a ramp meter installation.

The Transportation Authority ultimately awarded $82.7 million for 23 projects around San Mateo County. The Transportation Authority ultimately awarded $82.7 million for 23 projects around San Mateo County. The broad mix of projects includes some that will begin construction within the next 18 months and others that are various stages of planning.

“By programming funds for future projects we are building a ‘pipeline’ that will set the course for our capital improvement program for the next 25 years,” said Authority Chair Carole Groom.

Funds are coming from Measure A, a voter-approved half-cent sales tax for county transportation projects and programs back in 1988. 

Sponsor Project Description Funding Burlingame US-101 Broadway Interchange New 7-lane Broadway overcrossing including bike lanes and sidewalks; reconfiguration of existing on/off ramps; ramp meter installation $36M Redwood City US-101 Woodside Rd. (SR-84) Interchange Replace current loop interchange/substandard ramps configuration with standard diagonal or hook ramps; convert 5-legged intersection at Broadway/Woodside Rd. to 4-way intersection; Blomquist/Seaport intersection improvements $8,910,000 Pacifica SR-1 Fassier-Westport (Calera) Widen existing 4-lane Highway 1 to 6 lanes betw. Fassler Ave. and Reina Del Mar $4M Half Moon Bay Poplar - Wavecrest: SR-1 safety and operational improvements Create left-turn lanes at all intersections, add traffic signals, traffic calming and roadway widening $3.5M Half Moon Bay Main - Kehoe : SR-1 safety and operational improvements Create left-turn lanes at all intersections, add traffic signals, traffic calming and roadway widening $3.5M Pacifica SR-1 San Pedro Creek Bridge Replacement Widen San Pedro Creek under the new bridge to eliminate flood hazards; new bridge includes bike/pedestrian path $3.5M San Carlos Holly St./US-101 interchange modifications Convert current L-10 cloverleaf interchange to Type L-9 partial cloverleaf interchange by eliminating SW and NE quadrant ramps and realigning diagonal on and off ramps; add 1 lane and 1 HOV lane to NB on-ramp; add 1 lane to NB off-ramp; add grade-separated bike-pedestrian bike path through the interchange $3M San Mateo (City of) SR-92/El Camino Real ramp modifications Convert current L-10 cloverleaf interchange to Type L-9 partial cloverleaf interchange by eliminating 2 loop ramps and creating 2 diagonal ramps with signalized intersections at El Camino Real $2.2M C/CAG (City/County Association of Governments) Staged US-101 HOV Lane (Whipple to San Bruno) Evaluation of a 13-mile hybrid of new HOV lane segments and auxiliary lane segments $2M San Mateo County Hwy 1 (Mid Coast) Congestion and safety improvements Hwy 1 betw. Gray Whale Cove and Miramar; pedestrian crossings, left-turn lanes and medians at 6 locations $1.5M Menlo Park Sand Hill Rd. signal coordination and interconnect Traffic signal interconnection, adaptive traffic signal coordination, fiber optic cable and video surveillance installation on Sand Hill Rd. betw. I-280 and Santa Cruz Ave. $1.3M C/CAG US-101 Auxiliary Lane Lane between Oyster Point Blvd. Interchange and San Francisco county line $1M Foster City Triton Drive widening Add a second east-bound lane on Triton Dr. betw. Foster City Blvd. and Pilgrim Dr.; modifications to Metro Center Blvd. Between SR-92 and Foster City Blvd. $650,000 C/CAG US-101/SR-92 Interchange Area Improvements Evaluation of improvements for US-101 betw. Third Ave. and Ralston interchanges and SR-92 betw. I-280 and Foster City Blvd. $500,000 Menlo Park US-101 at Willow Rd. interchange improvements Interchange improvements $500,000 San Bruno/South San Francisco I-280 congestion improvements Technically determine improvements for I-280 corridor $500,000 Brisbane US-101 Candlestick Point interchange A new compact diamond interchange at US-101 and Geneva Ave (proposed extension); close Harney Way on/off ramps $400,000 C/CAG SF-92 Delware Feasibility Study Evaluation of potential access options, reconfiguration of west side of SR-92/US-101 intercange and local access issues $300,000 Total:  $73,260,000


The following five projects also received funding, but less than the applicants originally requested.

Sponsor Project Description Funding East Palo Alto University Ave./US-101 interchange improvements Stage 2A: New SB Palo Alto-bound off ramp; widen north side University Ave. overcrossing for minimum corner sight distance and include shoulders/bike lanes and sidewalks. Stage 2B: widen south side University overcrossin to include shoulders/bike lanes and sidewalks $5,000,000 City of San Mateo US-101 Peninsula Ave./Poplar Ave. Interchange Area safety improvements Construction of a raised median on Poplar Ave. between Idaho and US-101 (option 2A); bicycle and pedestrian improvements for the neighborhood east of Peninsula/101 interchange; Evaluation of the Peninsula/101 and Poplar/101 particial interchanges for safety and access improvements $2,500,000 San Bruno/SSF Skyline Blvd. - widening from I-280 to Sneath Lane Widen from 2 lanes to 4 lanes $850,000 Half Moon Bay SR-92 safety/operational improvements Widening of shoulders and travel lanes to current standards, and sight improvements along SR-92 from 0.6 miles east of SR-1 to Pilarcitos Creek $600,000 South San Francisco US-101 Produce Ave. interchange New 101 overscrossing connecting Utah Ave. to San Mateo Ave.; reconfigure existing SB ramps at Produce Ave. and Airport Blvd.; incorporate NB on/off ramps at S. Airport Blvd. $500,000 Total:  $9,450,000


The following five projects did not receive funding.  

Sponsor Project Description Funding Millbrae Millbrae Ave. & Rollins Rd. intersection improvements Add second right-turn lane on NB Rollins Rd. at Millbrae Ave. intersection and reconfigure intersection $1,430,000 San Mateo County Bike facility improvements on Alpine at 280 Addition of new green-colored bicycle lane by relocating/resurfacing existing travel lane on SB Alpine Road with attendant signage to delineate travel and bicycle lanes $175,000 Belmont Ralson Ave. Corridor Study and Improvements Ralston Ave. betw. US-101 and SR-92: evaluation of existing intersections' Level of Service; walkability analysis; evaluate existing bike lanes for complete streets compatability $120,000 Daly City Traffic Signal System and Traffic Signal Controller Upgrade Upgrade city traffic signal system: replace old equipment, connect traffic controllers to central traffic system and retime signals $115,000


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