$56 Million Bond Voted Onto Ballot

Voters will decide on the Burlingame Elementary School District's $56 million bond measure this November.

The Board of Trustees voted in favor of placing a $56 million bond measure on the November 2012 ballot Tuesday night with the goal of increasing classroom space in the district.

“A real driving factor with the decision we’re making tonight is enrollment,” said Board President Michael Barber. He noted the growth in the district over the past couple of years and projected future enrollment increases, necessitating more space for students.

Trustees plan on using the bond funds for modernizing schools and adding classrooms, along with renovating Hoover School, which was purchased in 2010 and is scheduled to open for the 2014-2015 school year, adding 11 classrooms to the district.

Trustees Davina Drabkin and Greg Land warned that, although the district prides itself on keeping class sizes small, without the bond it may be forced in coming years to increase class size due to overcrowding rather than limited funding.

“We’ve done such a good job keeping class size down,” Land said. “We need to continue in this manner.”

The ballot measure will need 55 percent voter approval to pass. Exhibit B of the bond resolution (found to the right of this article) explains the types of projects bond money would fund, including school renovations, safety and energy upgrades and modernized facilities and technology.

In 2007, district voters approved Measure A, a $48.3 million bond measure similarly directed towards classroom modernization. While Measure A funds helped purchase Hoover School, modernize Washington and Roosevelt Elementary schools and construct new buildings at Lincoln and McKinley Elementary schools, modernization projects are still underway in the district, and need a renewed source of funding.


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dave peceimer September 30, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Having grown up in the peninsula area I was astounded to see the $104MM scam in the Burlingame school district. Residents are already on the hook for $48MM, now the serfs of Burlingame will sheepishly vote themselves another $58MM. Not to worry, the slaves will obediently obey their masters.


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