Woman Busted For Allegedly Swiping Diamonds from San Mateo Jewelry Store

Police claim the woman, 45, had at her home loose cubic-zirconia synthetics -- of varying sizes -- which she would swap with real diamonds.

Angela Walker, 45, of Palo Alto. Photo: San Mateo Police.
Angela Walker, 45, of Palo Alto. Photo: San Mateo Police.
Reported by: Susan C. Schena

A 45-year-old Palo Alto woman was arrested this week for allegedly stealing diamonds from a San Mateo jewelry store, according to police. 

Angela Walker reportedly pretended to a customer interested in buying a ring on March 27 at Galati Jewelers, at 35 E. 4th Ave., said the San Mateo Police Department.

Walker allegedly looked at several loose diamonds, as well as a solitaire diamond ring, and when the clerk went into the shop's backroom, Walker used the unattended moment to pocket the ring, police said.

Walker then bumped the hand of the clerk, who was holding a loose diamond, police said. When that diamond fell to the counter, Walker allegedly switched the real diamond with a cubic zirconia of matching size without the store employee noticing, police said. 

As she exited the store, police said Walker told the jewelry clerk that  she was interested in seeing more diamonds on a return visit, and left her contact information.
Upon retrieving the loose diamonds, authorities said the Galati employee realized the diamond was switched and the solitaire ring was missing, and called police.

SMPD detectives said they confirmed the contact information Walker left at Galati's was, indeed, legitimate, and lured her back to the store Monday.

Walker browsed more diamonds, and also attempted to sell a necklace, which police suspect is stolen, officials said.

At her arrest, police said Walker was carrying a loose cubic zirconia -- that matched the size of the diamond she was scheduled to view.

A subsequent search warrant for Walker's residence and vehicle, resulted in more seized jewelry and several loose cubic zirconias, with written notes of their correlating sizes, police said. 

SMPD detectives are hoping this story catches the attention of area jewelers and second-hand dealers, suspecting Walker committed similar crimes beyond the incident in San Mateo.

Store operators, who possibly had Walker as a customer and are either missing merchandise or purchased jewelry from her, are asked to contact Detective Ryan at (650)522-7670 or nryan@cityofsanmateo.org .


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