Burlingame Residents Practice Preparedness

Burlingame residents gathered for an practice drill over the weekend.

Are you ready for an emergency?

Over the weekend, nearly 40 people from Neighborhood Network groups throughout Burlingame gathered together for a practice emergency drill, put on by the Victoria Neighborhood Network.

The group worked through the steps of creating a base before breaking into teams and combing the area. Participants found flags in front of houses describing the incidents they could expect to find.

Burlingame Police Department and Central County Fire Department members were on hand to give feedback and community members practiced sharing information with each other and safety personnel.

Neighbors came from Columbus Avenue, Poppy Drive, the Redwood Crest complex on Bellevue Avenue, Burlingame Terrace, Cumberland Road and the Burlingame Hills. 

Leaders were trained Saturday and will organize drills in their own neighborhoods on Saturday, October 13.

For more information, visit www.theburlingameneighborhoodnetwork or email info@theneighborhoodnetwork.com.


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