Parking Takes Center Stage

The Burlingame City Council will discuss the potential future parking structure downtown.

The Burlingame City Council members will meet before their regular meeting Monday night to discuss a downtown parking structure.

Council members and interested members of the public will hear a presentation of the study and analysis conducted on potential locations of a parking structure in downtown Burlingame.

The study took into consideration costs and feasibility.

According to a staff report, parking studies have been done over the past decade, all indicating the need for more parking in the downtown Burlingame Avenue area. Although actions have been taken, such as providing more short-term parking near the core downtown area and long-term parking in outlying areas and increased parking associated with the Safeway project, more space is needed.

During a , council members discussed constructing a parking structure as part of creating more retail and residential space downtown and a public open space. In order to maintain the level of parking currently available with these modifications to the downtown area, a parking structure would be necessary.

In the past council members have debated the merits of a central parking lot downtown versus one slightly removed from downtown that drivers would have to walk a few blocks to.

The study session takes place at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall.


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