Bizarre Burlingame History is Back

Odd artifacts will again be on display this weekend.

The weird and the wonderful history of Burlingame will again be on display this weekend. Back by popular demand, last month's unique exhibit will be showcased this Sunday at the Burlingame Hillsborough History Museum.

“With over 125,000 items in our archives, sometimes we just can’t show it all off,” said Jennifer Pfaff, president of the Burlingame Historical Society in a statement. “This is a chance to see some of the rare items that we have collected over the years.”

At the Burlingame Hillsborough History Museum at the Burlingame Train Station on Sunday, residents can peruse the items and learn about Burlingame’s history. Some items include a police log book from 1922, an outfit made entirely of men’s neckties and a wooden storm drain pipe found under Burlingame’s streets.

“These items are truly one of a kind and don’t fit any particular category, unlike our other exhibits inside the museum,” said Russ Cohen, vice president of the Burlingame Historical Society in a statement. “The miniature model of the train station is very cool and the counter from Towles Fountain is a real surprise ( hundreds of sticky gum remnants on the counter’s bottom side), not to mention a super-neat photo map of Burlingame from the 1920’s. We will have magnifying glasses so that you can look at the map and see your house, or not see your house, after all much of Burlingame was still in development in those days.”


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