Who Won San Mateo County's Races? Preliminary Results Here

Results for county supervisor, assessor, controller coroner and sheriff.

 (One to be elected)
 82 of 82 precincts reporting
 Mark De Paula 3158
 Carole Groom (i) 9893

 (One to be elected)
 153 of 153 precincts reporting
 Don Horsley (i) 14805
 Michael Stogner 4048

 (One to be elected)
 475 of 475 precincts reporting
 John Mooney 8722
 Mark Church 52260

 (One to be elected)
 475 of 475 precincts reporting
 Joe Galligan 21054
 Juan Raigoza 37671

 (One to be elected)
 475 of 475 precincts reporting
 Robert Foucrault 49870
 Rick Dalton 7664

 (One to be elected)
 475 of 475 precincts reporting
 Greg Munks 51024
 Juan Lopez 1 

OSM June 04, 2014 at 11:09 AM
Measure F save HMB's historic down town bridge Won, by a large margin. Thank You Half Moon Bay voters for sending such a clear message to the five City Council members that lied to us over and over again this past two years as they wasted over $1,000,000 of our hard earned taxpayers money on high priced lawyers, consultants, trying to destroy a perfectly repairable bridge.


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