Deadly Mosquito Approaching Bay Area

Asian Tiger Mosquito is described as a public health “game changer.” Officials say the deadly bug, already spotted in Southern California, is difficult to contain.

Bay Area public health officials are openly expressing concern that a deadly mosquito population that’s already been spotted in Southern California could soon pop up near you, KCBS reports.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is an efficient carrier of Dengue Fever and Chikungunya, among other deadly viruses, Acting Director of the Santa Clara County Vector Control District Russ Parman told KCBS.

Parman told KCBS that vector control officials are taking measures to keep the dangerous bugs from entering the Bay Area, but he acknowledged that is a very difficult mosquito population to contain.

“The Asian Tiger Mosquito is a real game changer,” Parman told KCBS. “That’s because it’s a container breeder – which means it will breed in any container – from a saucer with a quarter inch of water, to potted plants, anything that holds water.”

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is believed to have entered the United States in 1985 inadvertently with tires imported from Asia.

It is smaller than most mosquitoes typically found in the Bay Area, with a distinctive white line that runs down its spine (invasive.org features a photo gallery of the deadly bug).

Santa Clarita Valley News reports an Asian Tiger Mosquito infestation was discovered earlier this week in the City of South El Monte.


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