‘Buy Nothing Day’ Receives Support Amongst Patch Readers

Rather than buy into the Black Friday madness, many consumers this year are opting to 'buy nothing' and shop on Small Business Saturday instead.

If you haven’t been blasted yet with neon colored, flashing Black Friday ads at any point this week, you have been living under a rock.

It is nearly impossible to avoid a 50 percent door buster deal advertisement or promises of free gift cards if you step foot into a store by a certain time.

So rather than giving into the commercialism, these Patch readers have shared via Facebook their mutual boycotting of Black Friday.

Millbrae Patch Facebook follower Nathalie Vargas said “Now you’re talking!” referring to supporting Small Business Saturday over Black Friday.

Others were sick of the Black Friday craze:

Adrienne Liu commented on Palo Alto Patch’s Facebook, “who wants to shop on black Friday [sic] w/ the other crazies? It’s sad that people are starting to camp outside stores now”.

“The commercialism is insane,” agreed Philip P. McGarvey on Half Moon Bay Patch’s Facebook.

“Black Friday kind of negates everything we say at the dinner table the night before LOL,” wrote Erin Murphy Macias on Pacifica Patch’s Facebook.

Others took the opportunity to plug their small businesses in their respective towns:

Over in Pacifica, Julie R Love said “resurrected [sic] in rockaway beach has dozens of unique gifts at great prices !!!”

Rheanna Carter on Redwood City Patch's Facebook said “If anyone would like to support a RWC Local Pampered Chef consultant I'm doing some great specials for the long weekend!! Rheanna_Carter@yahoo.com
Thank you for supporting locals!”

Marci Ganoza in Pacifica even took the opportunity to give a shout-out to an event happening before Small Business Saturday, “It wont' be on small business saturday but Madrigalli Market is on Nov. 30th and Dec 1st at the Pedro Point Firehouse [in Pacifica], local and handmade!”


Buck Shaw November 23, 2012 at 05:06 PM
I fail to see the difference between the two marketing plans. Making a pitch is just that. The one with your favorite bait is yours to choose. The straight up media hype. Or the suttle enviroment buy local save your neighborhood nouveau climate change make you feel guilty angle. They all have there good and bad points. "caveat emptor"
Prudencia Nelson November 24, 2012 at 06:01 AM
Yeah for Small Business Saturday. I am all for supporting small business' who work hard to survive in this new era of big corporate companies. Amelia's Antics in Millbrae is a wonderful high end consignment store. When you walk in you are greeted in the most kind way and are asked, "How are you doing today?" Direct Selling companies are also small business'. doTerra Essential Oils with Cynthia Velez and The Pampered Chef with Prudencia Nelson will be having a Holiday Open House on Saturday 11/24 from 11-4pm. Contact prudencia.nelson@gmail.com for more info.


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