Ring in the Romance

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Here are some of Burlingame's most romantic places to celebrate the special day.

Oh, Valentine's Day. To some, it's a day to recognize the special someone in your life and shower them with candy, flowers and gifts. To others, it's just another Hallmark Holiday created to stimulate the economy. And to others still, it's a day to wear black and sit inside with a good horror movie, boxes of Chinese takeout and a pint of ice cream. No matter how you decide to spend Feb. 14, it's just around the corner, and will be here whether you like it, or not. Regardless of your own Valentine traditions, restaurants near and far will be decked out in red and pink, candy hearts will litter the streets like Mardi Gras beads and doilies will replace bar coasters.

But, let's face it; most of us are happy to have an excuse to indulge in a little romance and a fancy night out with someone special. While romance seems to fill the air everywhere on Valentine's Day, these five restaurants are sure to make anyone feel the love.

  1. : All aglitter with dripping white lights, Ecco is one of Burlingame's most romantic places. The dining room is simple and understated, providing a perfectly plain backdrop to the beautifully plated “Continental-Californian” dishes. A list of international and rare wines adds an extra touch of class and glamor to the dining experience. The daily-changing dessert menu is just enough of an element of surprise to impress any date.

  2. : For a “City by the Bay”, no better restaurant view is to be found than at Kincaid's Fish & Chop House. An already breathtaking dining room is trumped by the unobstructed bay views from just about every seat in the house. Fresh sustainable seafood and quality steaks and chops are classic fare for a classic couple. And, we all know what a dozen fresh oysters on the half shell are known for.

  3. : What's more romantic than a dimly lit restaurant, faint Italian love songs in the background and attentive service that makes you feel like you're the only ones in the restaurant? Freshly made pastas and Sicilian-inspired dishes bring impeccable authenticity to Burlingame Avenue, and will make you and your date feel worlds away.

  4. e: The new CouCou is both modern and elegant with it's dark wood floors and tables, black marble sushi bar, and tiny white lights in the windows. Offering fresh sashimi and sushi, noodles and grilled entrees, CuoCuo has something for everyone. Impressively friendly service is sure to bring a smile to the table.

  5. Trapeze: For the slightly more adventurous couple, head to Trapeze for a romantic Modern European dinner. Offering dishes from across Europe, like Paella, grilled game hen, and a variety of delicious shellfish, Trapeze truly stands out for its unique menu. The small dining room is brought to life with the professional service, and ever-friendly owner, Steve.

Here's to Cupid's arrow, a delicious dinner, and a whole lot of love. Happy Valentine's Day!  

Jamie White February 07, 2011 at 05:33 PM
Great round-up of some great local restaurants! Love it : )
Amanda Walter February 07, 2011 at 05:50 PM
Thanks, Jamie! Enjoy your Valentine's Day!


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