Poppy's Crab Shack Ready to Roll

Half Moon Bay's first and only crab shack on wheels is still accepting monetary pledges to fund launch expenses through a Kickstarter campaign, which ends this weekend.

Poppy’s Crab Shack, a crab shack on wheels selling whole steamed Dungeness crab, fresh off the boat, and Dungeness crab sandwiches, is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.com, a funding platform for creative projects.

Poppy’s Crab Shack owner, Half Moon Bay resident Tom Borden, set a baseline goal of $10K to fund outfitting the crab shack on wheels, permits and licensing, and all the things needed to get his business up and running. If it all works out, Poppy’s Crab Shack is set to become Half Moon Bay's first and only crab shack on wheels.

So far, Borden has reached that $10K goal with his Kickstarter campaign but the "campaign ends this weekend and they're short of their extended goal. They're now shooting for $20K," said David Cole, who e-mailed Half Moon Bay Patch with the news. Cole adds, "don't know the guy, not related, just a fan of the concept."

In fact, anyone who likes the project can pledge money to help make it happen. To support Poppy's Crab Shack, go to the Poppy's Crab Shack is Ready to Roll KickStarter page and click on "Back This Project" with a $1 pledge.

With $20K, "we'll be able to breathe easier and pay for a lot of the Shack outfitting we were going to have to do ourselves," wrote Borden on the Kickstarter.com profile page.

With 175 backers, $16,137 pledged of a $10,000 goal, and only 45 hours to go (as of 11 a.m. Thursday) before this project will be funded, Borden is pushing hard to reach $20K.

"Thanks to all of the wonderful early support, we have met our initial goal and we are adding the following Stretch Goals. The more we raise, the more we can do," he wrote. 

Stretch Goals are what come after the initial goal is met; they also outline what all of Borden's backers will get in return if he meets these new goals.  

Stretch Goal #1: $15,000  ACHIEVED

Join us on Poppy's Crab Shack in perpetuity! When we hit $15,000, we will create a Poppy's Crab Shack Wall of Fame mural on the exterior wall of our Shack.  All of our backers at any level will have their names handpainted on this mural with acknowledgement that we couldn't have done this business without you!

Stretch Goal #2: $20,000

The more we raise, the quicker we can add things like Zolo’s Crab Balls to our menu.  Remember these? They are the self-proclaimed “best crab cake known to man”. Once we hit $20,000, every one of our backers will receive a voucher for one (1) order of Zolo’s Crab Balls, redeemable anytime during the season. Bring on the Crab Balls! 

Stretch Goal #3: $25,000 

We really want to host an Opening Day of Crab Season kickoff party at Princeton Harbor here in Half Moon Bay. Thursday November 15, 2012. Live music, fresh hot crab, cold cold beer, the full nine yards for a proper bash. This will also be an opportunity to thank all of our backers and our crabbers in person on the first day of what promises to be an amazing season for all of us. Every one of our backers will receive a personal invitation to come down, eat, drink and be merry on the house and celebrate with us. Like I said, we really want to do this one.  Please keep helping us spread the word!

Opening day of Poppy’s Crab Shack will be when commercial crab season kicks off on Nov. 15 this year. All backers will be rewarded with crab vouchers, a t-shirt and a big personal thank you. All reward vouchers will be mailed to backers by November 1st, and all rewards will be redeemable on any day of the season starting November 15.

If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, all backers' credit cards are charged when time expires. If the project falls short, no one is charged. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing.

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