Peninsula Tire Waste Facility Shut Down, Fined $30K by State

The South San Francisco-based operation was reprimanded by state regulators.

An aerial view of the Global Waste Management facility, located in South San Francisco.  Image Courtesy:  Google Maps.
An aerial view of the Global Waste Management facility, located in South San Francisco. Image Courtesy: Google Maps.
By Bay City News Service: 

A South San Francisco waste tire facility that the operator says was the only one of its kind in the Bay Area has been shut down and fined $30,000, state regulators announced Wednesday. 

The shutdown follows a decision last fall by the state department of Resource Waste and Recycling to revoke the waste tire facility permit for Global Waste Management for a period of three years. Global Waste Management had until March 23 to appeal the final revocation ruling, but chose not to do so. 

The agency said the facility, which received a minor waste tire facility permit allowing up to 4,999 tires in December 2012, exceeded the limits on the permitted number of tires on multiple occasions in 2013, at one time reaching as many as 21,000 tires, the agency said. 

In addition, it alleged other violations including a lack of access to emergency plans, the storage of flammable materials close to tires and the use of an unregistered hauler. 

Daniel Akhromtsev, Global Waste Management's president and CEO, said Wednesday night that he had spent several years fighting the agency legally, with the help of former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown's law firm. 

He said he could no longer afford to continue the fight, however, as his business, which employed 20 people, was closed during legal proceedings and lost money and customers. 

"I've lost everything," Akhromtsev said. 

Akhromtsev said he felt the agency was determined to find violations and run him out of business and did not deal honestly with him. He also rejected the allegations that he had exceeded the limits on the number of tires on his property. 

"I did everything by the book," Akhromtsev said. "When I filed for the permit the first time, they took two years to issue a permit. That's why I had to go to court." 

CalRecycle officials said stockpiled tires provide space for vermin and can result in toxic tire fires that are difficult to extinguish, such as one that started in Tracy in 1998 and burned for 26 months.

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Ann April 01, 2014 at 06:26 PM
The Operator was reprimanded for crimes the operator DID NOT commit. This was all a set up by CAL Recycle to shut this operation down in order to permit success for Shamrock Recycling by Michaer Burnes who's wife works for the CAL Recycle department. All San Mateo County inspectors noted zero violations on every single inspection. However, the state inspectors would show up on DAILY basis and never submit an inspection report in person. Instead they would leave, make falsefied reports in their office and then mail out a violations. Unlike the Fire Department or any other agency that hands you a copy of your inspection report at the time of inspection this agency never once handed you a report. They left and weeks later send you a violation. Inspectors even lied on the stand. This was all a set up by a corrupt department. This department is more corrupt then our senate. Anyone is writing about this story should look up what role Joanne BUrnes plays in the department and her relationship to her husband Michael Burnes Owner and Operator of ShamRock Recycling and other tire recycling facilites. The case was represented by the Law Office of Willie Brown and the ex Mayor himseld stated that unfortunatley we live in a corrupt state and will lose this case as long as its handled by internal legal counsel which it was. He also stated that once we appeal the decision to a real court - this would be dismissed because there was no evidence to any of the violation. All of the violations were actually dropped except for one day of over load of tires. Despite the fact that at the end the operator was fined for only one violation the state still took away the permit to operate. Because as long as Global Waste Management has a permit - Shamrock Recycling and Michael Burnes and Joanna Burnes other facilities cannot succeed. The operator ran out funds after this trial and was unable to apeal to a REAL Court per Willie Browns recommendations. It is a shame that hard working citizens fall deep under in this state because everyone in CA is corrupt!!!


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