Foodie Fridays: PJCC’s Café @ the J

Fit foods are in focus.

We're half way through September and before we know it we'll be caught up in the swing of the holidays. For many, the calorie counting countdown has already begun. In this week's Foodie Friday, Patch's Monique Soltani heads to the PJCC’s Café @ the J and shows us some healthy eating habits that won't leave you running on empty.

PJCC'S tips on fueling for a fantastic workout

Exercising on an empty stomach can result in low blood sugar, which can make you feel light-headed and weak. And on the flip side, eating a large meal beforehand can result in muscle cramps, lethargy and even nausea. A light meal with the right food will not only enhance your workout, but may even increase your fat-burning potential.

Your pre-workout meal should include carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, fruits and vegetables. You can include protein and fat, but don't overdo either if you plan on exercising within the next hour or two.
Large meals: Wait about four hours prior to working out
Light meals: wait about two hours prior to working out.

If you find yourself still hungry when you’re about to exercise, enjoy a small serving of fruit, a fruit smoothie or a sports beverage. This will help reduce fatigue during your workout.

People often don’t consider the importance of eating AFTER exercise. Just as your pre-workout meal is essential for optimal performance, your post-workout meal helps your muscles recuperate and refuels your body. Protein provides essential amino acids that rebuilt muscle tissue and also helps increase the absorption of water.

Within two hours after a strenuous workout, refuel your body with a light meal containing protein and complex carbohydrates, like a lean turkey sandwich on whole grain bread. If you’re on the run, a sports protein drink is a good choice too.

Before and after your workout, don’t forget your water! You should have one glass of water in the hour preceding your workout and again afterword. You can also sip water throughout your workout.




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